Research forms a firm foundation for innovation and optimisation in sport and health care. Yet, only little of the obtained information is available for coaches, athletes and supervisors. In an attempt to reduce the gap between theory and practice, Science2Move Sport Consultancy performs and bundles scientific research into advice applicable in daily situations.

Science2Move Sport Consultancy has been founded by two motivated human movement scientists, aiming to publish the latest innovations and research for everybody. With practical experience in both, elite, as well as recreational sports, Science2Move Sport Consultancy knows that innovation and knowledge are essential in the optimization of performances!


Patrick Toonders, Msc. Human Movement Sciences (Biophysics in Sport). Maastricht University & VU Amsterdam


In the past few years Science2Move worked on several projects, during which our network in sports has extended rapdily.

Together with De Vitaliteitspraktijk, Science2Move will start cycling performance measurements to create individualized and customized training schedules.

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