About S2M

About Science2Move

Human Movement Scientist, Exercise Physiologist & (sport)researcher

Science2Move Sport Consultancy

Back in 2016, Sience2Move has been founded by two motivated human movement scientists. The goal: to narrow the gap between theory and practice by implementing sport science in daily situations for athletes and coaches. 

Research forms a foundation for innovation and optimisation in sport and health care. Yet, only little of the obtained information is available for coaches, athletes and supervisors. With practical experience in both, elite, as well as recreational sports, Science2Move Sport Consultancy knows that innovation and knowledge are essential in the optimization of performances! 

As of 2020, Science2Move partnered with De Vitaliteitspraktijk you -as an athlete- with scientific and personalized training advice.

Together we will work on your goals! 

Patrick Toonders Science2Move Bewegingswetenschapper

Patrick Toonders

MSc. Human Movement Sciences

Human movement scientist, exercise physiologist

Over mij

Welcome to the website of Science2Move! My name is Patrick Toonders. It was clear to me early on that I wanted to do something with sport. Nothing beats turning your hobbies into your job and helping people at the same time! That is the reason that I wanted to be a human movement scientist. In order to get there, I studied Biomedical Sciences (Human Movement Sciences) at the University of Maastricht and Human Movement Sciences (Biophysics in Sport) at the VU Amsterdam. Both studies fuelled my interest in human performance and exercise physiology even further.

I strive to help and motivate you to pursuit your own goals. In order to do so, I am eager to narrow the gap between innovation, science and sport & exercise. These ambitions form the basis for Science2move.

Previous projects

In the past few years Science2Move worked on several projects, during which our network in sports has extended rapdily.

Partners & (ex) clients