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Science2Move Sport Consultancy focusses on consultancy, performing research concerning sport, lifestyle and rehabilitation and making the information understandable and available for everyone. Scientific research is an important source of reliable information within sport and health care. By publishing this knowledge for everyone Science2Move Sport Consultancy aims to encourage people to adapt a healthier lifestyle and a better insight in training methods, techniques, injury prevention and rehabilitation!

Are you interested in a sport or rehabilitation-related presentation for your company or club? Let me know via or call +31 6 81465639! I will be happy to inform you about my approach and opportunities within your company or club! Examples of my work? Take a look at our blog with handy sport tips!

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Exercise Test

Want to improve as a cyclist? Don’t look further! Science2Move Sport Consultancy teams up with De Vitaliteitspraktijk. Therefore, Science2Move will be able to measure physiological values during an exercise test to improve your cycling training.

What can we do for you?

With an ergometer exercise test and respiratory gas analysis we will be able to determine physiological values like:

  • Maximal oxygen capacity (VO2max)
  • Ventilatory Anaerobic Threshold (VAT)
  • Ventilatory Compensation Point

By combining these values with power output and heart rate values, we make sure that your training schedule will be personalized and optimized for you!

Your Cycling Coach

Want to improve as a cyclist? Read our articles about creating your own training program!

Read about various topics like the energy systems, the lactate threshold and periodization.


Besides providing simplified scientific knowledge, Science2Move Sport Consultancy can be hired as an external research-partner or consultant. Is the assignment too short to hire a permanent human movement scientist? Or is it too expensive to hire one? Science2Move Sport Consultancy offers a solution by working hourly against a sharp price and extensive possibilities with our partners! Interested?

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